Commercial Videography

Commercial Videography is something that has also become very important to me, and I have just started branching out towards it myself. It is also something that is very important to many people either for them as a freelancer or as part of their larger company or organisation. You see examples of good quality videography can be a very effective way of bringing clients a step closer to discovering your work and purchasing your service and becoming a fan of your brand. Platforms such as YouTube and other social media outlets can be an excellent way to showcase what you do and entice people to check out your own website and seek out more details on your product. If you are sharing quality work it really could be the difference that makes a client select your service instead of one of the many competitors that are out there in the same field. It really helps to build your brand and back up your claims on how good your service is, if clients can see these kinds of examples it’s then not just talk!

Client:  7Nutrition UK – Gym Motivation
Client:  7Nutrition UK –  informative fitness channels on Youtube



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